Why invest in advertising with hopes of producing leads, when you can buy fresh, guaranteed leads directly from Mountain Connections?

We'll handle the marketing ... you take care of the sales!

Increase Your Sales With Leads from!

Our High Quality Leads Are:

  • Timely- Receive qualified leads within hours of when actively interested buyers request property listings.
  • Targeted- You control the leads you receive by choosing your desired lead categories, geographic regions, and maximum number of leads per month.
  • Detailed- Each lead contains the buyer’s full contact information and purchasing specifications. connects real estate agents and brokers directly with these active buyers in three steps:

  • Buyers complete an online Mountain Search™ form for the real estate or service they wish to purchase.
  • The buyers' information is verified and matched to the appropriate sellers by technology and personnel.
  • Matched leads and purchasing requirements, are sent to you by e-mail within moments of their search request.

Unlike any other lead generation program,’s unique system provides you with the most targeted and timely sales leads to help improve your marketing “Return on Investment”
shorten your sales cycle and grow your business.’s lead referral service is customizable:

  • Pricing is on a per lead basis (as low as $20 each!)
  • Volume discounts available
  • Choose your product/service offering
  • Select your geographical coverage area
  • Control the number of leads you receive per month

How to get started
With a commitment of only 90 days, signing up is easy. Simply provide us with information about you, your company and the type of leads you would like to receive. Your account will then be activated in 24 hours or less.

Targeted Leads
Because our lead referral service is customizable, only those leads that match your specified product/service offering and your desired geographical coverage area will be sent to you. Pricing is on a per lead basis, and you will only pay for the leads sent to you according to our Mountain Search™ Toolset. And to make sure our program fits your budget, you control the number of leads per month you receive.

How It Works
Thousands of real estate buyers turn to every year to find the mountain home and land of their dreams. Using our free Mountain Search™ service, real estate buyers are able to receive a variety of property options from 2-3 agents with just one detailed request.

Volume Discounts
At only $30 each our leads are already priced very competitively when compared to other traditional forms of advertising. If you are like most of our agents you will appreciate our volume marketing incentives. Purchasing a minimum of ten leads per month reserves your membership in our program.

Mountain Connections Volume
Discounts are as follows:

  • Sign up to receive up to 15 leads per month and you will only pay $30 per lead
  • Sign up to receive 16-25 leads per month and you will only pay $25 per lead
  • Sign up to receive 26+ leads per month and you will only pay $20 per lead


Example: Let's say you purchased 26 leads from Mountain Connections representing a marketing cost of $520. Now let's imagine you only sell one property valued at $200,000 and you earn a 1.5% commission for this transaction. Your earned commission would be $3,000. Now let's subtract out the $520 that it cost you in advertising and you still net $2,480.

Note: Our agents have reported back to us that they average one transaction for every 10 leads purchased. If this is accurate then instead of closing 1 out of your group of 26 leads you would close 2.6 deals X $200,000 X 1.5% for an earned commission of $7,800 less the $520 in lead cost, for a profit of $7,280.

Your actual numbers could be higher or lower, but as you can easily see our program is extremely affordable and quite lucrative for you the agent!


Customizing Your Profile
When you register as a partner our proprietary matching algorithm allows you to customize your lead referral program to best fit your needs. Once your account is established, our top-notch Customer Care team can help you update your profile to help maximize the ROI of your program.

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