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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you don't find the answer you are looking for feel free to call or e-mail us anytime. Our staff will get an answer back to you normally within hours, but no longer than a day.

We're sure that after you read up on our Marketing Information, and read the following document you will be eager to sign-up with our marketing program! Hundreds of Agents can't be wrong. If it's working for them it'll work for you. Don't wait too long though as space in counties is limited and when a county is full we don't accept any more agents until one drops out.

All of us at Mountain Connections are looking forward to working with you and to seeing your business grow like never before.

Let us know how we can be of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MountainConnections.com?
MountainConnections.com is the premier marketplace for individuals looking to buy or sell real estate, products or services in America’s finest mountain destinations! MountainConnections.com is helping thousands of individuals and families secure the mountain property of their dreams. MountainConnections.com’s exclusive MountainSearch tm toolset and outstanding buying tips cover many types of mountain purchases ranging from homes and land, interior decorating, furniture to architectural services. Mountain property buyers are matched to leading national and local agents/vendors who respond to their requests for quotes. The bottom line is if you are looking to buy or vacation in the mountains, MountainConnections.com will prove to be an invaluable resource!

How can my mountain based business acquire customers from MountainConnections.com? MountainConnections.com has numerous tools available for you to promote your real estate agency, community or mountain based business. With thousands of visitors to our website there is an abundance of ways for you to get noticed. We offer advertising in categories that visitors are able sort by state and county level. In these categories you are able to purchase display and banner advertising. You may also purchase leads from visitors who fill out online request forms. These leads are immediately e-mailed to the e-mail address you supplied. Read more about our lead referral service below.

How does the Lead Referral Service work?
Buyers submit search requests by answering customized questions based on the product or service they wish to purchase. MountainConnections.com proprietary matching system identifies the agents and suppliers that are the best match for the buyer's specifications. As soon as the buyer submits his request two things happen. Our system quickly presorts the agents and suppliers that have requested leads in the buyer’s area of interest. These agents/vendors are notified via e-mail, that they now have fresh leads to review and follow-up with. Simultaneously as the agent/vendor is sent the lead an e-mail is also sent directly to the buyer informing them of the agent’s identity, company information, complete contact information, and a message that the agent will be contacting them soon.

It is important to note that there is no cost to the customer to participate in this process. The agent/vendor can buy as many leads as they want and they will be billed for leads that are sent to them.

How does MountainConnections.com attract business buyers?
MountainConnections.com uses a variety of methods to attract potential buyers to our site. Internet search engines, national/regional travel magazines, national/regional newspapers to website banner ads, are among our advertising vehicles.

The top search engines i.e., Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, are the first places most buyers now look to for information regarding your products and services. MountainConnections.com works hard to maintain excellent placement for the keywords or phrases that most internet searchers are asking for. Many of our techniques for top-placement have come from years of experience and testing. These techniques are held closely to our chest.

The key point is that we will attract high-quality traffic to our site. Our definition of high-quality traffic is serious shoppers of mountain property or products resulting in buyers who are actively looking to purchase your products and services. We’ll be spending a great deal of money each year developing leads so that you don’t have to.

Let MountainConnections.com be your marketing department.

How "hot" are the leads?
Our partners are able to connect directly with ready-to-purchase buyers who are actively looking to buy their products or services. And because you receive verified buyers' full contact information within minutes of their quote request, MountainConnections.com leads are remarkably timely.

How many leads will I receive each month?
There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the quantities of leads that come in for any given area from month to month. Some months you will receive the maximum number of leads your budget allows within the first week. Other months you may only receive a few total. But the bottom line is the leads you have access to will be fresh and they come from individuals that are looking for your services in your market area.

When will I be billed for the leads I receive?
You will only be charged for leads that you receive. You will receive an e-mail each week billing your credit card for the amount due for the previous weeks leads. This payment must be completed by you within (5) business days or your account will be frozen until it’s brought current.

What is MountainConnections.com’s guarantee?
MountainConnections.com guarantees that the leads you receive are: (a) submitted by an interested buyer; (b) not a competitor; (c) submitted for a product or service category you specified; (d) not from outside the service territory you specified; (e) delivered to you in two business days or less after the request was submitted.

Why am I charged an annual Account Maintenance fee?
The $40.00 annual account maintenance fee helps cover the cost of setting up and maintaining your account over the year. The personal attention you receive from our Customer Care department and any changes you make to your account, like changing your geographic territory or adjusting the number of leads you receive, are covered by this fee.

Can I make changes to my profile online?
You can change your profile throughout the program at anytime. You will have access through your partner webpage on MountainConnections.com to all of your profile information, billing information, address, etc. You have total control and can make changes at anytime.

How many other suppliers will receive the lead?
Our buyers have told us in order to make an educated purchasing decision, they would like to receive somewhere between 2 to 3 quote responses. We are building our partner network for each category based on this information so that buyers are not overwhelmed with phone calls and our vendors have fair opportunities.

What if my category is not available?
Currently not all of our product or service categories are available for online registration as we limit the number of partners per category and by geographical area. To register for other categories, be placed on a waiting list, or suggest a new category, please send us an e-mail to: categories@mountainconnections.com. An Account Manager will get back to you with pricing and details.

How do I sign up?
Signing up with MountainConnections.com is easy. Simply fill out the registration form, provide your company information, specify the products/service you provide, your account preferences and your billing information.

What are the main terms & conditions?
• The minimum length of the program is 90 days.
• The vendor is responsible for paying for all leads they receive.
• There is an annual $40 account maintenance fee.

How long will it take for my account to be activated?
As soon as you completely fill out the online registration form and submit it to our database you are activated. The only delay would be if any part of the information provided is inaccurate and has to be corrected. Still have questions? Contact our Customer Care department at (800) 704-5947 Toll Free.

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